We believe in low mileage, accident free cars owned by those who took pride in the appearance and upkeep of their vehicle. We run CarFax before consider our purchases. Next we check for current and potential problems. We then have the car safety inspected by ASE Certified Master Mechanics. Only then do we begin the process of offering up the vehicle for sale. We want to put customers in the right car for them, we know customers want pristine, good looking/stylish and reliable vehicles that they can be proud of.

We want you to get into the car every morning and have your vehicle be a source of pride, something you can rely on, something that if you take care of properly it will in turn take care of you. Your vehicle is your lifeline, it takes you to the most important events in your life. Whether it’s a job interview, an important meeting, or a big date we want you to arrive on time, in style, comfortable and safe.

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