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Consignment Opportunities

Consignment Opportunities

When it's time to turn your classic car or truck into cash, we have a plan to help you sell your classic fast and at a fair price.

When you entrust Great Lakes AutoSports to sell your classic, we take the job very seriously. First, we put it up on the rack and do a full inspection and appraisal. We will let you know if any mechanical work is needed to get your classic ready for sale. We offer detailing to help it look as pristine as possible.

We know sometimes old classics have been in storage and neglected for years. We can help recondition it for a better sale price. Great Lakes AutoSports can help turn your old classic into cash in your hand. We take all the pictures and videos needed and list on all the relevant sites to gain the maximum exposure. Consignments are stored inside our climate controlled,video, alarmed and sprinkler warehouse for safe keeping until their new owners take them home.

Click on Make an Appointment and tell us more about your Consignment or give us a call at 630-359-4866. We'd love to help you find it a new home.

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